Domestic Heat Pumps

Greenbro RGB Range Domestic Heat Pumps

The Greenbro RGB Domestic Heat Pump range is designed to provide efficient and reliable heating solutions for any residential setting. Whether for homes, lodges, or apartment blocks, these heat pumps deliver consistent performance and energy savings. 

Available in three capacities, 3.6kW, 5.2kW, and 7.2kW, these units are capable of heating water up to 55°C – 60°C efficiently and reliably.

Domestic 3.6kW

Domestic 5.2kW

Domestic 7.2kW

Versatile opions to suite your needs

The Greenbro RGB Domestic range is not only powerful but also versatile in design. Choose from three different outer casings to best match your aesthetic and environmental requirements:

Standard Casing: A robust and economical choice for everyday applications.

Stainless Steel 304: Offers enhanced durability and resistance to corrosion, ideal for more demanding environments.

Stainless Steel 316: The premium choice, providing superior corrosion resistance and longevity, perfect for coastal or industrial areas.

Discover the Greenbro RGB Domestic Heat Pump

The Greenbro Air Sourse Heat Pump for domestic applications is designed to extract heat from the outside air, even in cold temperatures, and are suitable for a variety of climates.

Unlike conventional heating systems that generate heat through combustion or electric resistance, the Greenbro domestic heat pump transfers heat from one place to another using a refrigeration cycle. 

This process offers reduced energy consumption, leading to significant cost savings on your utility bills. Additionally, the focus on sustainability ensures that the systems have a minimal environmental footprint helping our customers meet their sustainability goals

The Greenbro RGB Domestic Heat Pump range offers the perfect blend of efficiency, durability, and versatility, making it the ideal choice for all your heating needs.

Key feaures of the Greenbro RGB Domestic Heat Pump

Cost Saving: High-efficiency systems lower energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings.

Optimized Efficiency: Advanced heat exchange mechanisms optimize energy usage for better performance.

Multiple Sizes: Available in 3.6kW, 5.2kW, and 7.2kW to meet various heating demands.

High Performance: Efficiently heats water up to 55°C – 60°C, ensuring comfort and convenience.

Durable Casings: Options include Standard, Stainless Steel 304, and Stainless Steel 316 to suit different environments and preferences.

Sustainable & Eco-friendly: Reduces carbon footprint and aligns with green energy initiatives.

Domestic heat pumps are ideal for various residential settings, including:

Homes: Suitable for new builds and retrofits, providing efficient heating and hot water.

Lodges: Perfect for remote locations where other heating options might be impractical.

Apartment Blocks: Can be used in individual units or as a central system for the entire building.

With their combination of efficiency, environmental benefits, and versatility, the Greenbro RGB domestic heat pumps are an excellent choice for modern heating solutions.

Heating Capacity kW3.65.27.2
PowerPower SupplyPh-V-Hz220V/1PH/50HZ220V/1PH/50HZ220V/1PH/50HZ
Rated Input ConsumptionkW0.91.21.8
Max Input ConsumptionkW1.31.92.7
Rated Input CurrentA3.975.68.5
Max Input CurrentA6912
Starting CurrentA182835
Max Water Temp Setpoint °C555555
Max Outlet Water Temp °C606060
Hot Water Yield L/h75107155
Recommended Water Flow m³/h0.81.11.5
Working Temp (Ambient) °C-15°C~43°C-15°C~43°C-15°C~43°C
CompressorModel KN104VGMMCPA160X2C-4FTRN222VHFMC
Type / Brand Rotary / MitsubishiRotary / ToshibaRotary / Mitsubishi
Compressor QtyPCS111
Rated CurrentA4.16.258.5
Locked Rotor AmpA182835
Thermal Protector InnerInnerInner
Fan MotorModel YDK-20A-6-2 / HELONGYDK-25-6-2 / HELONGYDK-40B-6-2 / HELONG
Diameter of Fansmm320400420
Fan Motor QtyPCS111
Heat ExchangerType Copper Tube in ShellCopper Tube in ShellCopper Tube in Shell
Diameter of Copper Pipemm161919
EvaporatorFin Spacingmm1.61.61.6
Fin Type Hydrophilic AluminumHydrophilic AluminumHydrophilic Aluminum
Tube Outer Diameter & TypemmØ9.52 Innergroove TubeØ9.52 Innergroove TubeØ9.52 Innergroove Tube
Four-Way ValveModel / Brand STF-0108G / SaginomiyaSTF-0108G / SaginomiyaSTF-0218G / Saginomiya
AC ContactorModel / Brand RelayRelayRelay
Expansion DeviceType Capillary TubeCapillary TubeCapillary Tube
Water PumpModel / Brand Grundfos / UPS015-60Grundfos / UPS015-60Grundfos / UPS015-60
Wire ControllerType Intelligent & LCDIntelligent & LCDIntelligent & LCD
Part Number Q01T0093Q01T0093O01T0089
The Length of Control Cablem121212
Set Temp.°C25~5525~5525~55
Water SystemMaterials of Water Pipe CopperCopperCopper
Water Flowm3/h0.81.11.5
Water Pressure DifferentialKpa605060
Water Inlet Connection Sizemm3/4” (DN20)3/4” (DN20)3/4” (DN20)
Water Outlet Connection Sizemm3/4” (DN20)3/4” (DN20)3/4” (DN20)
RefrigerantGas Type (R410A)(R410A)(R410A)
Gas Weightg650850950
Sound Pressure Level (1m) dB(A)525354
DimensionsDimension(L*W*H)mm935 x 297 x 595935 x 297 x 595935 x 297 x 595
Packing(L*W*H)mm1060 x 380 x 6301060 x 380 x 6301060 x 380 x 630
NG/WGkg40 / 4855 / 6565 / 79

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