Commercial Heat Pumps

Discover our diverse range of heat pumps, suited for any commercial application

Our product line includes:

Re-circulating RGB Range: Capable of achieving temperatures up to 55°C – 60°C, ideal for a variety of re-circulating applications.

Constant Temperature CGB Range: Engineered to maintain consistent temperatures up to 65°C, perfect for processes requiring steady heat.

High Temperature HGB Range: Reaches temperatures up to 75°C, suitable for high-temperature demands.

Each range is available in multiple sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your requirements. Explore the Greenbro Commercial Range and find the ideal solution for your heating needs.

Re-Circulating RGB Range

Greenbro’s domestic heat pump stands out as an ideal heating solution for residential applications, providing comfort and efficiency. The key factor that makes it particularly suitable for homes is its capability to offer temperatures up to 55°C-60°C, meeting the diverse needs of households, whilst saving on electricity costs.

Constant Temperature CGB Range

Greenbro along with our trusted supplier offer a comprehensive range of pumps designed to meet the needs of various hot water applications. Our selection includes booster pumps, circulation pumps, grey water pumps, and ring main pumps, each engineered for optimal performance and durability.

High Temperature HGB Range

The Greenbro commercial heat pump emerges as the optimal choice for a variety of industries, including hotels, student residences, hospitals, abatoars, apartment blocks. With the capability to offer temperatures between 55°C produced by our RGB Range, 65°C produsced by our CGB Range and 75°C by our HGB Range. 

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