Energy Efficiency

Gain insight into the condition of your equipment and factors that may be affecting your equipment, preventing it from operating sufficiently and has an effect on your energy consumption, carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Energy remains a significant outlay for any business in today’s day and age and has a large impact on a global scale, especially when it gets to our carbon footprint. Working with Greenbro, we’ll unpack the circumstances and guide you to a more energy efficient future and help you make wiser choices in reducing your carbon footprint.

Specialising in maintenance of Hot and Cold Water plants, HVAC, Solar and Plumbing, Greenbro brings years of experience to the table. Professionally equipped Greenbro can make a difference in your company by simply assisting with your maintenance.

“Nothing runs better than a well-oiled machine”.
There is truth in this saying. The same principle can be applied to maintenance. Frequent maintenance Increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your energy saving equipment and in return have an effect on your carbon footprint.

Carbon Emission Reduction

The climate change is real, and we all have a role to play in reducing our carbon footprint. One small change you can make, without substantial investment, is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your energy saving equipment. By doing this not only do you have peace of mind but you also eliminate risk of high breakdown costs or even replacement of expensive equipment.

Maintenance may be the last on your list of worries, but in essence this should be on the top of your list. Regular site visits rules out imbalances, equipment failure or poor running – all of which these flaws can increase energy usage and emissions. By knowing when these issues can arise, Greenbro can help to eliminate or minimise intervals of high emissions and consumption, ultimately lowering your plant’s carbon footprint and environmental impact and the impact of what frequent failures may have on your pocket.

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